August, 2017 Workshop and Meeting

August 2017 Crazy Workshop

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Alice ready to start. “Now where is this piece supposed to go?”

“We’re going to start with a five sided piece. Just place this rectangle on one of those sides.”

Brenda says “I have my five sided piece, now what did Alice say I need to do next?”

“Now, how does that go?”

Focused on cutting it straight.

Pay attention when Alice is showing how it goes.

“We only have two pieces done? What have you been doing?”

“I like doing this. It’s fun!”

“I’m off to a good start. What should I put on it next?”

Making progress!

“I’ll just add this ribbon and it will look good.”

Laurie is thinking “If I don’t look while pinning this, it won’t hurt if I stick my finger.”

“There it is – all done!”

“I’m not going to do like Laurie. I’ll watch my fingers as I pin.”

August 2017 Meeting

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Alice explains the crazy quilt technique.

Everyone paying attention to Alice as she talks about the early 1900s crazy quilt.

This is what one block can look like.

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