The mission of the Bella Vista Calico Cut-Ups Quilt Guild is to stimulate an interest in quilts and quilt making, educate its members, provide for the interchange of information, and encourage community giving.


The name of this organization shall be THE BELLA VISTA CALICO CUT-UPS QUILT GUILD.


Section 1. It shall be the purpose of this Guild to bring together a membership of people who are interested in quilting for education, fellowship and service.

Section 2. This guild shall be nonprofit with the purpose of stimulating an interest in quilts and quilt making, educating its members, funding charitable projects, and providing for the interchange of information.


The fiscal year shall begin on the first day of January and end on the last day of December each year.


Membership shall be open to all who have an interest in quilting, without discrimination.  Membership dues shall be due annually on January 1. A person may be a guest two times before paying yearly dues. Membership dues are set by the Executive Committee, and voted upon by the membership.


Regular meetings of the entire membership will be held once each month, eleven months of the year. The time and place are to be determined by the Executive Committee. A simple majority vote of attending members is all that is needed to enact  business of the organization.


Section 1. Officers of the Bella Vista Calico Cut-Ups Quilt Guild shall be known as the Executive Committee and shall consist of the following:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Assistant Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Assistant Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Programs/Publicity Chair
  • Scrap Bag Editor
  • Special Projects Chair
  • Ads/Vendors Chair

for a total of ten (10) on the Executive Committee.  If a Committee has a Co-Chair, that committee will have only one vote.
Section 2. Meetings of the Executive Committee to discuss plans, projects or concerns of the Guild, shall be held monthly, with additional meetings called by the President as necessary.  Actions of the Executive Committee shall be reported at the following regular membership meeting. Items substantially affecting the organization shall require a vote of approval by the members.  A quorum of six (6) Executive Committee members shall be present to conduct a legal meeting.

Section 3. Candidates for officers of the Executive Committee shall be nominated by a Nominating Committee in September and elected by a majority vote of the attending members at the regular October meeting. Installation of the new officers shall be held at the last regular meeting of the year.

Section 4. Terms of office shall be for one year and a person may be elected for no more than two consecutive terms.

Section 5. Duties and powers of the officers shall be as follows:

PRESIDENT—Preside at all meetings.  Appoint committee chairpersons as necessary and perform such other duties as are necessary to the office of President.

VICE PRESIDENT—In the absence of the President, perform the duties of the President.  Welcome guests and members at each regular meeting of the membership.  Keep the membership records and oversee and assist the Yearbook Editor in the publishing of the annual membership book (Yearbook). The Vice President shall automatically be nominated for President for the following term.

ASSISTANT VICE PRESIDENT–assist the Vice President in the performance of her/his duties.  The Assistant Vice President shall automatically be nominated for Vice President for the following term.

SECRETARY—Attend all meetings of the membership and Executive Committee and keep records of all proceedings at each, in the Corporate Records notebook along with pertinent business records and correspondence.

TREASURER—Keep account of all moneys received and disbursed. Deposit all funds received and make a report at all regular meetings, and file appropriate State and Federal reports as required.

ASSISTANT TREASURER—In the absence of the Treasurer, perform duties of the Treasurer. The Assistant Treasurer shall automatically be nominated for Treasurer for the following year.

Section 6. VACANCIES—Whenever an office of the Executive Committee becomes vacant, it shall be filled by the Executive Committee.

Section 7. CONFLICT OF INTEREST—Members may not profit at the Guild’s expense and will refrain from conflicts of interest.

Section 8. COMPENSATION—Members of the Executive Committee or other Committees shall serve without compensation except for the reimbursement of reasonable expenses incurred on behalf of the Guild or for presenting a program or class.


Section 1. NOMINATING COMMITTEE. A three-member Nominating Committee shall consist of Vice President and two (2) members nominated by the Vice President and elected by the general membership no later than the regular July meeting. They shall recommend a slate of officers to the membership at the regular September meeting.  The membership shall vote to accept the slate of officers at the October meeting.

Section 2. OTHER COMMITTEES. By the first meeting of the Executive Committee each year or as soon after as possible, the President shall appoint and present to the general membership, committee chairpersons as set forth in the Calico Cut-Ups Guild Policies.  Committee chairpersons are encouraged to attend Executive Committee meetings as non-voting members, however attendance is not mandatory.  Any of these positions may be co-chaired.


The Executive Committee shall present a budget to the membership at the first yearly meeting for their approval. The Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and President may sign checks on behalf of the Guild. The Executive Committee will appoint someone to audit the financial records at the end of each fiscal year; this person may be a member of the Guild.


Upon dissolution of the Guild, and after paying or making provisions for payment of all of the liabilities of the Guild, all remaining assets shall be disposed of by donation to other not-for-profit 501(c)3 organizations as voted on by the membership of the Guild.


These by-laws may be changed by the majority vote of the members at a regular meeting following the regular meeting where proposed amendments have been presented.

Revised August 22, 2016

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